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What We Offer


Our Refugee Team has been meeting to keep up to date on progress and needs. The Team is made up of members from Northwood United Church, Colebrook United Church and a Group of Five (G5 is a legal description for a small group of citizens to sponsor refugees). We are all under the umbrella of the United Church of Canada.

The “Hammoud” family is Mother, Father (Mohammed) and 3 children under 12 who have been in Lebanon for over a year. Mohammed has been picking up some work, but they are unable to send the children to school as it is too costly. Their situation is still desperate.

Our G5 who are six or more have been in touch with the family and have sent them a small amount of money to help them get the application papers signed and witnessed.

The applications are in, both ours and the family's, and the funds are raised. All is ready and so we wait!

We wait for the next allotment of spaces for Syrian Refugees and we wait for word that our family has been selected. We are ready and anxious to hear that they are on their way. There will be last minute activities to get ready when we hear that they are on their way.

Thank you for your ongoing help, your prayers, your donations and your interest.